Introducing Ideal Insights Lab

Our Proprietary Automated, Intelligent MR Platform Redefining Research Technology


Our cutting-edge Market Research Platform. Intelligent Insights, Simplified!

Ideal Insights Lab is an automated and intelligent, Do-IT-Together, Market Research Platform that offers research solutions to drive innovations, omnichannel experiences, go-to-market, and sustainability. Founded by IdStats Research, with the support of Enterprise Singapore, Ideal Insights lab offers one platform to meet all the research needs of value-seeking enterprises and SMEs: while supporting enhanced productivity and team capabilities.
Designed by research veterans to support the Democratization of Insights’, the easy-to-use platform offers cutting-edge digital qualitative, quantitative, and neuroscience solutions, with a robust processing engine that is data silos and methodology agnostic. This allows for advanced analytics on the go and automated real-time dashboards that in turn facilitate cognitive, behavioral, andexperiential empathy at scale. The solutions, offered by team Ideal are anchored in robust academic frameworks that have their roots in the decision and social sciences and are based on a human-centric approach.

Why Ideal Insights

Use our intelligent research platform to help you embed rich, quality human insights to drive decisions in a speedy yet cost-effective fashion. Powered by AI and over 50 years of experience.


Codify Best of Class Research Processes

Use validated research frameworks, AI and global best practices while designing surveys, neuro research, in-the-moment mobile surveys, community insights, and culture and context mapping. 


Generate Richer Insights

We use multisource data to provide richer insights based on both conscious and subconscious decision making. Use validated research frameworks, and the power of human minds and AI to curate rich insights


Improve Speed to Market

The system is designed to promote agile innovation and enable leadership to optimize route to market.


Embed Sustainability in Heart of Strategy

Empower brands to define material goals and embed ESG goals at the heart of strategic decision making strategy and brand purpose.


Process Structured and Unstructured Data Using Cutting Edge

Ideal ResTech seeks to use innovative technology to drive innovation, brand & customer experiences and build sustainable brands


50 years of research experience to drive DIY & assisted DIY solutions

The team has over 50 years of research, marketing & analytics experience that you can count on while conducting research with confidence.