Head Office Singapore: 31 Rochester Drive, Level 24,Singapore,138637gro.statsdi%40olleh
Head Office Singapore: 31 Rochester Drive, Level 24,Singapore,138637gro.statsdi%40olleh

Who Are We

idstats research and consultancy

idstats was set up in the year 2014 as an insights consultancy by industry veterans from Neilsen, TNS, and Kantar with a focus on decoding explicit and implicit human behaviour by integrating new technologies. The vision was to help our clients make more astute business decisions.
We were among'st the pioneer agencies in Singapore to leverage biometric tools such as eye tracking as early as 2012 and since then, we have deepened our understanding of human behaviour through obtaining expertise in innovative research technologies such as semiotics and digital ethonography, managing communities, design thinking inspired techniques, lego workshops.

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Facial Coding (FACS)

Facial Coding

Eye Tracking (TOBII)

Eye tracking

Our Expertise

Innovation is our blood.

Idstats is a Singapore based market research and consulting specialists. We help our clients develop consumer centric propositions, products and campaigns. We help our clients win in the marketplace.
We specialize in offering our clients a fully integrated thinking from deep ethnographic immersions to advanced analytics.
For this Idstats uses the innovative consumer research approaches and techniques. We are adept at deploying traditional, digital and data mining-led approaches. To this end we map cultures, attitudes and motivations that drive behaviours towards different brands and use that understanding to define a winning strategy. We deliver creative, multimedia outputs to help our clients better understand the human stories behind the data.
We draw inspiration from the following, and use it as the mantra in every aspect of our work:
“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” Steve Jobs
 “If the challenge exists, so must the solution.” Rona Mlnarik

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Why Are We Talking About New Paradigms in Market Research?


What is the difference between qualitative versus quantitative research?

Qualitative versus Quantitative

Why Partner Us?

Full service multidisciplinary research and analytics agency that enables your consumer centricity and fuel growth

Market research is critical for determining the best practices for engaging your target audience, understanding the ever-changing parameters of a dynamic market, and investing in the future with confidence.
We’re at the forefront of the fraternity with the latest research methods and technologies. We understand technology. And embrace it. Since our inception, we use it to unearth new insights into human behaviour and align business goals. Be it traditional market research, social media analytics or creating and engaging with communities or undertaking eye tracking, emotion mapping or digital ethnography, we have pioneered the convergence of technology and research in Singapore and Asia.

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Trends in Market Research

Market Research
idstats Research

We raise the bar: We deliver inspiring insights, focusing on strategic decisions inspired by human behaviour and tailored to our clients’ unique needs. With clients ranging from multinational corporations to government statutory boards and SMEs in the insurance, FMCG, hospitality, travel and tourism, luxury, media and manufacturing sectors, we have the knowledge and capability to exceed our clients’ expectations – no matter how high they are. We are people focused: Our frameworks acknowledge and embrace the inherent biases and distortions that characterize human judgement and decision making. Thus, our frameworks are founded on the principles of psychology, sociology and behavioural economics.
Considered Method Design: We’re purpose driven. And passionate about research. When we craft a methodology, we blend the traditional with the new, to provide solutions that address the business challenge.
Incisive Analysis: We’re meticulous yet focused. You can trust that we’ve dissected the data to deliver only the most meaningful findings to drive business growth.
Get it done attitude: We’re agile. And adaptable. Our years of global and SME experience enable productive collaborations, so we always take your business realities into consideration.
We believe in the power of partnerships: At idstats, we believe that it’s our people who make us different. One and all, we have a deep appreciation for the synergistic power of partnerships – with our clients and a global network of partners – to catalyse greater understanding of people, societies and communities. Some of our leading partners include SSI, Toluna, QPA etc.

Hidden Value of Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers

Conjoint Analysis: A Market Researchers’ go to Statistical Model

Conjoint Analysis

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