We provide fresh approaches to business challenges; blending behavioral science-inspired techniques with explicit and implicit methods. We challenge ourselves to find new ways to unlock behavioral insights and drive action.
We undertake research to generate insights and drive ideation. We are driven by one aspiration – to illuminate, inspire and ignite the next level of growth for our clients and the brands they build.
The strength of the company lies in our ability to marry behavior research frameworks to data mining & analytics.
At idstats we seek to :
To understand behaviour – why we make certain decisions and choices, form habits and generally behave in the way we doBased on this understanding we seek to design strategic road maps and optimized customer and shopper experiences to change behavior
Our core guiding principles while crafting strategic solutions is: Much of what influences our behavior is subconscious
We have different modes of thinking – System One which is intuitive, emotional and System Two which is more effortful, deliberate, reasonedWe are hugely influenced by the context around us and use anchors, shortcuts and rules of thumb to navigate and make decisionsWe are subject to a mass of cognitive biases, such as loss aversion, availability bias, the herd instinct.Thus our solutions are anchored in system 1( eye tracking, facial coding, galvanic skin response, latency response, metaphor elicitation etc), and system 2 ( retrospective think aloud, in depth interviews, opinion polls etc.) measurement protocols.

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Our Solutions :Outsourced Research Design and Quality Support Services to Empower your Teams

As clients globally adopt DIY (do it yourself) research solutions, at idstats we have launched our Outsourced Research Services Solutions to complement our Customized Research & Advisory Services 

We also offer research services on demand to help democratize research and enable your team to run research in-house. 

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We serve as a sounding board for your team and help share best practices to enable your team to execute DIY projects.

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We seek to create social impact by supporting NGO’s and social enterprises to undertake needs assessment, program design and impact evaluation and training