Usability Research To Optimize Experience

User research focuses on understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies using both explicit and implicit methodologies. The objective of these exercises is to understand the impact of a design on the consumer or user in a controlled environment or in real complex situation.
Thus solutions offered by idstats include:
Design Research: These solutions are explorative and seek to develop a deep understanding of user goals, motivations, pain points, and the tasks they perform based on a holistic understanding of user contexts and culturally prevalent codes. Deliverables include UI specs that can be taken forward by our clients’ design team. For this, we ensure a coherent structuring of user goals and solution features and functions. We also work with experienced design partners who can help us in defining the entire solution through agile wire-framing and front-end UI.Usability Research: These research engagements seek to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and delight metrics of client’s products by testing it on sample users. End deliverables include an assessment of current experience offered by the brand interface versus the intended experience.