Consumer Research

We provide a range of robust qualitative and quantitative frameworks that are based on an intersection of explicit and implicit.
Our range of solutions extends across the following areas:
● Consumer immersion: Understand consumers as people first and then as consumers● Category landscape mapping and driver analysis● Mapping brand stature and equity through standardised frameworks that seek to map the overall health and equity of our client’s brand in the context of key mind, behaviour and disposition metrics.● Sensory research● Concept and product research● Communication development and pre-testing● Post campaign research● Data mining and analytics solutionsConsumer Research Solutions Behaviour Research Solutions Market Research Consultancy Market Research Solutions Singapore Usability Research Solutions Mobile Ethnography Singapore Shopper Research Solutions Behaviour Innovation Research Brand Essence Research User Experience Research & Mystery Shopping Trends & Strategy Consulting Exploring the Power of Lego How to Build a Luxury Brand Market Research Singapore Facial Coding (FACS) Semiotics Singapore Ethnography singapore Design Thinking Social Impact and assessment Research & Consultancy singapore AI & Machine Learning Webscraping Digital shelf