Red Thread Initiative (CSR)

Red Thread Initiative(CSR)

About Red Thread CSR

Red Thread CSR is an initiative that seeks to provide strategy, design and impact assessment and sustainability reporting services to Do Good Organizations or Purpose Led Organization.
According to an ancient Eastern belief, an invisible red thread connects those whose lives we are destined to impact. It is believed that these threads may stretch or tangle but will never break. The myth of the red string is a way to understand our diverse connections and encounters as predetermined. A scarlet tapestry whose threads are given to us when we are born, which we knit ourselves and are not random triumphs or accidents.
At idstats research, we believe that while each of us joins the world with invisible red threads. As individuals, the choice of knitting more meaningful weaves to create social impact lies within us. And so, Red Thread CSR was born; to enable and empower NGOs, corporates and social enterprises to weave richer tapestries for maximum social impact. We curate and map needs, design, and implement community programs through research, branding, governance, and skill development.