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Who Are We?

Ideal Insights Lab is an automated and intelligent, Do-IT-Together, Market Research Platform that offers research solutions.
We drive innovation, omni channel experiences, go-to-market, and sustainability for value-seeking enterprises and SMEs.
Founded by IdStats Research with the support of Enterprise Singapore, Ideal is designed by research veterans and is anchored in robust academic frameworks rooted in social sciences, based on a human-centric approach. Ideal allows for advanced analytics on the go and automated real-time dashboards that facilitate cognitive, behavioral, and experiential empathy at scale.


Ideal Innovation Lab

Use our market research platform to map your consumer needs, ideate using design thinking, test innovation response using traditional qualitative, quantitative and neuro tools.


Ideal Experience Lab

Optimize your online or offline experiences using the Ideal Experience Lab on our market research platform. We help you to put user needs at the heart of your product & service design process. Our passion for understanding people and unearthing the truth helps you to build a strong evidence base.


Ideal SustainX Lab

Ideal SustainX Lab is targeted specifically to design sustainability or regenerative strategies; and to assess the impact and the progress towards the achievement of your sustainability goals. SustainX team uses ideal research platform capabilities and the domain expertise of Action Impact team.


Agile Analytics Lab

 Agile Analytics Lab leverages the power of machine learning to optimize go to market strategies and model structured and unstructured data for decision making through our cutting edge market research platform.

Why Ideal Insights?

Data Driven Strategy

Ideal insights lab seeks to democratize data to power quicker and more effective business decisions. We seek to answer the “What”? “Why”? And “What Next” while transcending research methodologies and data silos.

Organizational Ability to Meet Speed, Cost & Quality Mandates

Anyone who has ever managed an insights project has probably had to decide between delivering at high speed, high quality, or low cost. We leverage domain expertise to drive automation and use AI, machine learning led analytics to deliver all three to our clients.

Confidence Inspired by Over 50 Years of Domain Experience

We have over 50 years of cumulative experience in tech, market research and analytics. Thus, your team can be confident that they are being supported by experts to deliver their goals. Ideal insights lab is also a Singapore based company and thus adheres to the highest quality standards.


Build Organizational Research Expertise & Knowledge

Ideal insights lab provides a library of robust research frameworks and serves as a repository of all projects, folders, documents, methodologies, and outcomes stored in one place to ensure a high-quality standard and consistency in the work done.

Who is Ideal for?

Client Insights Manager

"Ideal gives me the power to uncover insights about consumer behavior that the regular agencies don't. The expertise of the team, coupled with technology and robust research frameworks help nail all research assignments!"

Agency Owner

"With ideal, I can service my client better, as it allows me to uncover cutting edgeinsights at the psychographic levels too- quickly and efficiently"

Client Leader

"With ideal, the level of in-depth multi-resource data analysis helps me make informed and robust decisions instead with speed and within my budget "

How IDEAL Works


Login to the Platform

Login details for the Ideal Platform that is unique to your company will be given.


Master Dashboard

Select the solutions relevant to your needs, such as: Rapid Experience Optimizer, Inspired Brands, Rapid Testing and more . We would have already uploaded the relevant data from the study conducted.


Obtain Charts and Data

Real-time charts, analysis and reports delivered via Ideal Dashboard.

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