Our Purpose

For centuries the assumption was that the majority of our brain activity was conscious, while the subconscious was a dark, mysterious place, the place Freud called ‘id’.

However, the truth is that we process almost everything through our subconscious. According to Gerald Zaltman, in his book ‘How Customer’s Think’ 95% of all cognitive activity takes place in the subconscious.



At idstats, we seek to use technology to provide quality value added solutions that help our clients go beyond the stated, and access the almost invisible roots of our decisions that lie in the subconscious.

With offices in Singapore and India, and partners in other leading markets across the region idstats can help you research people, culture and brands across APAC.


Brands researched

Our featured methodologies

  • IrisTrack™

  • FaceEmote™

  • Mobile Inmoment Stream™

  • Community LifeStream™

  • EthnoDive™

  • idStory ™

  • Online Qualitative & Quantitative Surveys

  • Cultural and Design Semiotix™

  • Value Added Analytics


Geographical experience

We have worked across continents – Latin America; Africa; South Asia; China and South East Asia with proven capability of conducting multi-country studies simultaneously.