idstats Research Consultancy is a Singapore based global strategic market research company that is focused on mining and activating winning consumer and market insights for delivering profitable growth and enhancing consumer experience and advocacy across four sectors: Consumer Goods & Services, Retail & Shopper, Banking & Finance and Healthcare.

The strength of the company lies in its ability to offer specialized quality services across two areas of practice i.e. Market Research and Data Mining & Analytics.

Market Research Solutions: At idstats, we specialize in deciphering markets, and identifying challenges and opportunities with cutting-edge solutions that are tools anchored in biometrics (eye tracking and facial coding), semiotics, and traditional research methods including qualitative and quantitative research to help translate information into action. We have also leveraged the experience of our team to evolve specialized frameworks that can be used to deliver winning insights for our clients across strategic habit and attitudes projects, brand equity projects, brand innovation projects (i.e. concept and product research) and communication projects (pre and post campaign assignments; brand health tracks etc.). Our team is also adept in facilitating workshops and running market research training programs.

Data mining & Analytics: We also offer best of class data mining & analytics solutions to help optimize your returns on investment and to aid in marketing decisions at every critical step. Towards this end, our team of analysts uses a variety of tools that are anchored in regression, factor and cluster analysis, conjoint analysis, multi-dimension scaling, structural equation modelling etc.

What do we offer?

Our Market Research Solutions:

We are over-leveraged on technology and offer cutting edge methodologies, which help our clients map the ‘explicit and implicit’ consumer needs and motivations and understand behaviour in the moment, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. We use both face to face, online (panel and community-based approaches) and mobile data collection techniques to offer:

  • Qualitative immersions and ethnography ( traditional and online/ mobile ethnography)
  • Strategic category and brand research solutions
  • Innovation research solutions
  • Sensory research solutions
  • Usability and stakeholder research solutions
  • Social media research solutions
  • Crafting brand story workshops (using Semiotic frameworks and Lego Serious Play and other approaches)

Our Data Mining Solutions:

We leverage the considerable experience of our team of researchers and analysts to mine existing research and sales data available within your company via customized analytical frameworks to synthesize key insights to sharpen your marketing strategies. All data mining projects typically involve a four-step process encompassing stakeholder interviews and scanning of the category landscape, data warehousing, and analysis and defining future strategy.

Our Analytics Solutions:

We offer a variety of tools and techniques to maximize your returns on marketing by offering analytics to go beyond the stated and to predict future scenarios. Our range of solutions offered straddles the following areas:

  • Marketing Decision Support: Structured Equation Modeling/ Driver analysis; Customer Segmentation Modeling, Marketing Mix Modeling, Price Elasticity Modeling, Trade Promotion Modeling, Conjoint Modeling etc
  • Strategic Retail Management: Basket Analysis, Promotion analytics, Assortment Analytics, Sales Forecasting etc.
  • CRM Analytics: Attrition / Churn Analytics, Loyalty Program Analytics, Campaign Analytics
  • Web Analytics: Web Buzz Measurement, Campaign Effectiveness Measurement etc.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our featured methodologies

  • IrisTrack™

  • FaceEmote™

  • Mobile Inmoment Stream™

  • Community LifeStream™

  • EthnoDive™

  • idStory ™

  • Online Qualitative & Quantitative Surveys

  • Cultural and Design Semiotix™

  • Value Added Analytics


Geographical experience

We have worked across continents – Latin America; Africa; South Asia; China and South East Asia with proven capability of conducting multi-country studies simultaneously.